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Who is Stasha and how can she help you?

Welcome to the Sacred Space of Heal Your Soul, with Stasha Eriksen.

I am a Divine Healer, Intuitive Guide and Spiritual Teacher who has been healing, protecting, guiding and educating humanity since the profound mass spiritual awakening that happened in 2012.

My unique approach to spiritual healing, protection and spiritual mentoring is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. It is hard to put a "title" on what it is that I "do". In summary, profound intuitive, telepathic and miraculous healing abilities were gifted to me by God/ Our creator, as a reward for giving up a life of selfishness, in exchange for a life of selflessness and service to humanity. I have dedicated over a decade of my life to healing, protecting and educating people who suffer from unexplained illnesses, unseen forces that harass/oppress/possess them, and in severe cases are physically and sexually attacked while their defenses are down.

Spirit and negative entity attachments can cause many issues for the body, mind and spirit. When my clients have tried to express these experiences to family, friends, and doctors, they have been diagnosed bipolar, schizophrenic, autistic, psychotic, crazy or sadly, have been called liars. It breaks my heart that the general population do not understand these horrific encounters themselves, making them quicker to dismiss a person, rather than trying to help them, but this is where I come in.

Thousands of people suffer with negative entity attachments daily, and have no one to talk to, yet alone believe in them. So when people come to me for help, I am typically their last hope, as everyone else has either scammed them, manipulated them or simply turned their back on them once they got what they needed from you...I, however, will NEVER turn my back on you!

When removing attachments, I only work with positive intentions, prayers, unwavering faith, and constant attention to your sacred altar alongside my constant intention from the energy projected out of my heart to healing each and every one of your needs. I offer my healing and protection services to adults, children and even animals! Together, we will illuminate the path towards liberating your soul from any darkness or blocks that are keeping you from reaching your full potential in life. ​

Deeply attuned to the cosmic forces of this universe, God/ Creator, Archangels and Mother Earth, I specialize in liberating souls from the clutches of negative entities, demons, djinn, shadow beings, archons, reptilians, grey aliens and breaking the chains of curses, hexes and black magick from human beings, animals, homes and businesses every single day of my life. I do not consider myself a witch or a spellcaster, but after many years of study and training I CAN work with white magick upon request, as long as it is in alignment with anything that revers Mother Earth and causes harm to none.

The internet has spread a great deal of dangerous misinformation about witchcraft and magick on sites like tiktok and YouTube. This is what has guided me to share my knowledge and training with others. You must be careful when researching, studying or practicing magick of ANY kind! True Magick is ancient, and is not a joke. If you have not studied it for years at length, do do not even attempt to "try" a spell. Nearly half of the clients I work with have come to me desperate for help after carrying out a spell that they saw online.

I am here to help you by focusing on harmonizing the trinity of your body mind, and spirit at the same time as healing the damage that has been done to your soul. Together, we will navigate the labyrinth of consciousness, uncover hidden truths, and embrace the boundless potential that resides within you. Trust in the divine forces that have led you here, and allow me to facilitate the blossoming of your spiritual essence.

Your journey awaits, and I am here to walk beside you every step of the way, so you never have to be alone again.

In love and gratitude,

Stasha Eriksen

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