Diary of an Asset- 
Book Series 
By Stasha Eriksen

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Readings and Services

Spiritual Healing Ceremony


My name is Stasha, I have been working as a religious scholar and spiritual guide to many for years. My background is in Spiritual Guidance: Support Email & Video Readings. I also perform Curse Removals/ Deliverance services, through many years of Theological Training. I am also a published author of three books.

With this listing you will receive a Spiritual healing from a distance. I perform this service by connecting with your energy etherically. I perform an overall scan of any issues that may need attention (spiritual, mental, physical and emotional pains). I then clear your entire body, mind and spirit with a series of prayer and candles. This service is excelllent for anyone who is struggling with issues with their body, mind or spirit. This is also extremely successful for anyone in severe physical pain. I have helped clients with fibromyalgia, autism, multiple sclerosis and even cancer patients, who have all felt immediate results.

I will perform a distance healing for you or someone you love that is suffering. I will also provide a written reading with all feedback that I receive during the process of approximately 250 words so that you can understand where the origin of this pain is coming from, and how we can stop it from returning again.

God Bless You

Please send me all information needed in order to help your healing service. If you have additional info that you would like to include, plus any photographs, please email them to: stashaeriksen@gmail.com.

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