Diary of an Asset- 
Book Series 
By Stasha Eriksen

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Readings and Services

House Blessing


My name is Stasha, I have been working as a professional Intuitive for many years. My background is in Intuitive Psychic Readings and Spiritual guidance sessions. I have a degree in Theology from Grand Canyon University, and am an ordained Minister. I am also a published author who writes about matters of spiritual origins.

With this service you will receive a house blessing for yout home. Many people are living in an old home that may have carried old energies from past residents and also possibly the presence of a ghost or spirit energy. As an ordained minister, I use prayer as a powerful weapon against removing evil from your home. I conduct this service with a combination of prayer and candles. The entire process can take up to three days for the presence of the negative energy, entities or spirits to be completely removed from your home, so some patience and faith is required for this service. I will also provide photographs of the ceremony itself and provide you with a detailed email reading explaning any and everything that I can pick up on about your particular home and situation. Photographs of your home can also be extremely helpful for this service.

If you are uncertain if this service is right for you, or if you have any additional questions about the ceremony itself, please send me any and all questions that you would like for me to answer before placing an order to my email: stashaeriksen@gmail.com.

God Bless You

Please send me all information needed in order to help your house blessings service. If you have additional info that you would like to include, plus any photographs, please email them to: stashaeriksen@gmail.com.

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