Diary of an Asset- 
Book Series 
By Stasha Eriksen

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Readings and Services

Curse Removal / Deliverance (Spirit Removal)


My name is Stasha. My background is in Intuitive Readings, Spiritual guidance sessions and Deliverance Work (Curse removal). I have a degree in Biblical Studies and Ministry. I am also a published author who writes books about matters of spiritual origins.

I often have clients come to me and tell me that they believe they have been "cursed". Curses are VERY REAL and are the most real to those that cast them on others.

No matter what your spiritual beliefs, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist etc. I CAN HELP! Curses can also block you from receiving blessings in your life. Spells will not work, healing can not occur, happiness cannot exist, unless these curses, or hexes are removed. I use prayer as the method of removing your curses, as it is the most powerful weapon against evil.

I will perform a curse removal or spell reversal for you or someone you love that is suffering. I will also provide a written reading with all feedback that I receive during the reversal of approximately 250 words so that you can understand where this curse came from and how we can stop it from happening again, or returning to you again.

God Bless You

Please send me all information needed in order to help your curse removal or deliverance service. If you have additional info that you would like to include, plus any photographs, please email them to: stashaeriksen@gmail.com.

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