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Will Artificial Intelligence Takeover Humanity? The News you NEED ep 9

Posted on February 22, 2017 at 9:50 AM

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Hey, everyone, its Stasha Eriksen and I am back with another News YOU NEED episode for all of you!

This one is a continuation of the past episode where we spoke about Obama’s strange obsession with A.I. I could not of course, leave out the most important player in this game, and that is Mr. Elon Musk.

I had heard about this man, but had not gone as deeply into my research as I did after I saw the Code Conference interview in 2016 that we are going to discuss today. I will leave you the link to the one-and-a-half-hour video, and you can see for yourself this monster that we already have on our hands!

The interview starts out with a very strange woman looking down at her feet saying “I believe the message there is we’re fucked! I’m not a scientist, but I think we’re in trouble.” Wonderful way to start out a conference, but you will see that this message she shouts our way isn’t so far from the truth.

The beginning of the interview is all about Elon’s SpaceX program. He goes into long interpretations and analogies about space and low-orbit. I still am one of those who believe that not a single human can leave Earth’s low-orbit due to the radiation belt, but he sure has a way with words! He mentions that one quarter of their missions are operated FOR NASA, so we know who has yet another hidden hand in this game.

He also mentions that SpaceX will be conducting launches every 2-4 weeks, and all missions are being lifted off from the same launch pad as the previous Apollo missions. He then mentioned that this now makes us number one in space exploration, even beating Russia and China! He even calls his rockets Dragon 1 and Dragon 2, so something is up with this guy. But what is this space race really all about?

Then it all hit me around 19 minutes into the interview, when he starts talking about going to Mars in 2018. The female interviewer asked him about his fascination to Mars. He said “If I could choose a place to die, then Mars is probably… not a bad choice.” He then mentions that no human will join Dragon 2, when they do go to Mars the first time, as it can take up to six months just to ARRIVE, then the other problem is… it has NO WAY OF RETURNING TO EARTH!? So the least we could say is this guy is not quite prepared for these missions as of yet. But we should also know, that if they tell us something is one or ten years away, then it has probably already happened.

The most frightening part is when he begins to explain why others humans should go to Mars, he wants to re-populate Mars and create a city for everyone there. He essentially wants to create Earth 2.0. But the question is, who will be able to afford this? Would this end up being some kind of planet for “Elites” or would people like you and I be able to join the party? He still said it can take up to 2024 before humans can fly to Mars, with their arrival date being 2025. So it will take a year just to arrive! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE planet Earth. Why is everyone so willing to fly away to fix another planet, when we have one right here that needs a lot of help!

Here’s an idea Elon, since you seem to hate being on Earth so much, why don’t you use some of those billions to help people here on Earth and stop flying after your childhood dreams of walking on Mars!

Let us not forget that he is also the same man who has kick started the autonomous driving revolution by taking over Tesla (I can just see Tesla rolling around in his grave right now)! He plans to roll out 1 million cars per year by 2020. So if you think you will have a chance of driving yourself around in the future, you may have to think again.

I have also created a new episode about autonomous cars in the past that you should check out:

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Later into the interview, around 44 minutes, Elon begins speaking about A.I. and how he created a program called “Open A.I.” and this intelligence has a real sense of urgency to democratize A.I. power. He wants to create this open atmosphere where the many control the A.I., rather than the few. He admits that he is not afraid of robots, but he is afraid of the people who may end up controlling them, there is one company in particular that worries him the most, but he will not say “who” it is. He even at one stage explains that the most benign scenario of A.I. taking over, would mean human beings would become nothing more than a pet to this A.I., oh how comforting… And this is the benign scenario? I would hate to imagine what a dark future would look like then!

This theme of “who gets to the technology first” seems to be repeating over and over again. It may seem exciting and innovative, but I cannot ignore the feelings that trigger my soul. My soul tells me that artificial intelligence is WRONG, it is yet another way for these scientists and money makers to act out their “God Complex”. What’s uniquely ironic about all of this, is that most of these scientists do not believe in “God” they simply believe in “science”, but think about who created Science? Think deeply about who created humanity, I do not believe that they have thought much about this at all. Perhaps the one entity that Elon is so afraid of controlling the A.I. is God Himself, as he may just put a stop to all of this. Remember Atlantis? Let us not repeat the mistakes of our past. Human beings are perfect when they are left alone in their natural environment. I pray today that we get closer to nature in the future and further away from this virtual reality.

What are your thoughts? Make sure to check out the full interview here:

Code Conference 2016, Elon Musk Full Interview | Artificial Intelligence | SpaceX and Tesla:

xo Stasha



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