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Obama knows WAY TOO MUCH about Artificial Intelligence- The News you NEED ep 8

Posted on February 18, 2017 at 10:25 AM

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He many no longer be the President of the United States, but Barack Obama is still effecting our Nation with decisions he made just before he left office. Approximately 2 weeks after signed the executive order to hand the internet’s control over to the UN and China, I saw that he had been interviewed by a couple of men from Wired, inquiring about what AI means for National Security. It took me some time to watch the entire video, but what Obama stated in the interview honestly shocked me and I felt compelled to share this with all of you.


He is asked what we can do to help humanity in the event that the A.I. outwitted us somehow.


His response is what disturbed me the most. He goes on to explain about his concerns with a “specialized A.I.” getting to the knowledge “first”. He just looks scared throughout the entire video and also seems to know “a little bit TOO much” about A.I. for my liking.


He touches on the fact that these self-teaching robots could possibly even “hack” our nuclear codes and then we would “have a problem on our hands”! He also mentions that “the vulnerability of our systems would happen very quickly” if we don’t get a handle on this soon.


“You don’t say, Obama?!” The guy on the left then starts talking about his true fears about the A.I., and how short term concerns are that “bad people” would get their hands on this technology before “they” would and Obama brings it back to another joke “If it gets to smart we just gotta pull the plug! Just yank the cord right outta the wall!” They all erupt in this evil laughter and I just have to ask myself, why are they really laughing? This is no laughing matter! He even mentions that walls could not stop an airborne virus from hitting us all, and how vaccines should be made “smarter”. I find that he mentions all of these individual things for a reason. To draw more fear and attention to these other disasters that we cannot “avoid”! This entire video is just full of analogies, and no REAL ANSWERS! We deserve answers about this topic, enough with the analogies!


My question is, if we are living in a world that is “so over populated” as everyone claims, then who is funding these projects in the first place? Why is the president allowing these technologies to be created? I have conducted further research into this topic of A.I., and into one man in particular who is at the top of this pyramid, and that is a man named Elon Musk. In my next news broadcast we will dive into the madness that is this man. In the meantime, check out the WIRED video in the link below, let me know what YOU think about this!


Until then, this is Stasha Eriksen bringing you the news you NEED, because if they won’t report it, then I will! Xo Stasha


Link to WIRED Interview:

xo Stasha



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