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About Stasha:

Meet Stasha, a seasoned Hollywood insider from Southern California.
After a decade-long career in television and film, she delved deep into the industry's realms, witnessing the true darkness that hid beneath the surface. Numerous times the elusive Illuminati came knocking on her door.
Yet Stasha embraced her unwavering morals and an insatiable spiritual yearning to fearlessly reject their offers time and time again.
Feeling unsafe, she walked away from the industry (literally), refusing the Illuminati's advances and trusting that the universe had a bigger purpose hidden deep inside of her just waiting to be activated and unleashed.
Embracing this new path, she devoted herself entirely to spiritual education and healing, embarking on a transformative journey of self-discovery that she would eventually share with ot

Seeking her spiritual purpose, she experienced a profound awakening, gaining miraculous healing abilities and studying Theology and Psychology at Grand Canyon University. After becoming an ordained Christian minister, Stasha moved to Europe to assist others using her newfound healing skills. 

In 2012, Stasha opened an Etsy shop, offering spiritual healing to those affected by demonic forces.

She also shared her spiritual experiences on YouTube and authored three books. These books covered conspiracy theories, telepathic animal communication, and the intriguing Mandela Effect, leading to media interviews and substantial public interest. Stasha's unwavering mission is to free individuals from unexplained spiritual and paranormal encounters, using her distance deliverance technique to remove negative entities, curses, and black magic. Her Etsy shop and personal website serve as platforms for her transformative work. If you're seeking liberation from invisible bonds, Stasha is dedicated to helping you. 

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Stasha Eriksen at Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland
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