What exactly is the Mandela Effect? 

The Mandela Effect itself is a symptom that reality, as we know it, has “changed.” Not just metaphorically transformed, but physically. The subsequent research presented in this project I collected from thousands of people all over planet Earth. There is a multitude of Mandela effects that I have not listed in this book, as there is much more to reveal as time unfolds and results come close to the surface. Time moves fast these days, so we must spread the changes as they come before we forget “how things were.” 

The easiest way for me to present things to you was in a collection of the most common Mandela Effects that came across my path, in the order in which I have fact-checked them. However, I do not claim to know what is causing these effects, nor who or what may have caused them. Rather, I had the phenomenon presented to me, and I felt called to show it to all of you, for what appears to be a Divine reason. I will do my best to stay unbiased throughout this presentation. 

Open your minds and see what YOU remember.

Welcome to the Mandela Effect.
Stasha Eriksen

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